Water in the Desert

We tend to take a geat deal for granted in our lives. We get pretty busy sometimes, and the things around us, though often beautiful, go unnoticed. Usually it’s because we’re used to them; here in Tucson, we take the sun for granted. It seems only on cloudy days do we take the time to look up at the sky, but just because the bluest, clearest skies are commonplace here doesn’t mean we don’t miss out by not seeing them. For people in the northwest, I’m sure the opposite is true; how many take the time to observe the clouds, and embrace the beauty of the rain? In nature, as in our everyday lives, it’s the unusual things that tap us on the shoulder and cause us to turn and take notice.

My family and I enjoy the desert surrounding Tucson. After a good rain (pretty rare in these parts), we like to go out and see the play of water in our favorite spots; the Sonoran Desert, already beautiful in its harshness, turns a softer cheek after a good soaking.

I Think the Wife Took These

One of our favorite trails on the northeast side of town always has pools of water, though the streams that feed them dry up between rains or periods of snow melt from the mountains.

It’s easy to see and appreciate the Ultimate Artist and some of His masterpieces. Best of all, they are interactive and constantly changing.

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4 Responses to Water in the Desert

  1. Arizona girl says:

    I absolutely love when it rains in the desert – you’re right that it’s something special because it happens so infrequently. When we were still in Phoenix, I would stop whatever I was doing to watch the rain and open the windows to get a whiff of creosote. In Germany now, rain is nothing special, but that rare sunny day sure is. Funny how quickly our perspective can change….

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