“Happy Anniversary, Struggler!”, or “Geez; Give it up Already.”

Toot the horns, don the pointy hats, treat yourself by reading every post from first to last, or do what many do: read this first paragraph, decide “This sucks!”, click the obligatory “like” icon and move on to better things. Celebrate in any way you see fit – for the brunt of you, this means avoiding this blog at any cost – for today is the one year anniversary of Thestrugglershandbook.

Some interesting statistics from The Struggler’sย first year: seventy-five posts, or an average of one every five days (you can kiss that stat goodbye); Over seventy thousand words, many of them misused or poorly chosen; almost seventeen thousand views, from over eighty different countries (so cool), including 3,180 in a single day when Cat’s in the Cradle was Freshly Pressed; over twelve hundred comments, half of them mine; six or seven different blog awards (which seem less impressive when I see that most other bloggers have at least some of them as well); and, at last count, two hundred eighty-nine followers (though admittedly, some of them are lagging waaay behind).

And what have I gotten from it all? Well, no book or magazine deals or, for that matter, no life-altering experiences of any kind and my writing future, mired in obscurity and secured for eternity; a few pat on the backs and ego-padding comments, which I eat up with gluttonous pleasure; several “Not my cup of tea” critiques, and a couple of “crass, offensive gutter trash” type condemnations. (From the same person). I have also been fortunate enough to have “met” several other writers, whose work and apparent character I find pleasing to me.

I’ve learned how the game is played: to expand your audience, you need to visit other blogs regularly, comment whenever possible and really put yourself out there. Frankly, I haven’t the time nor the inclination; I don’t see how some of them do it. I’ve got kids, a wife, a veritable zoo of hairy, needy domestic beasts, coaching basketball, and a life of toil unto death; all are more deserving of my time. I suspect that’s partly why my audience hasn’t grown to stadium proportions: like me, people have busy lives and more important things to do than to simply park it and eat the tripe I serve up. And maybe, just maybe, I’m not as enrapturing as I think I am…psssh. As if.

Basketball season starts on Monday. Work is good. I will likely write very little in the next few months, but that’s okay. When I do, I’ll write for myself, and for you if you care to read it. Feel free to comment if anything I have to say moves you spiritually, emotionally or even intestinally; I would love to know who’s really out there. Thanks to the faithful, and for those writers whose blogs I follow, you are the ones I mentioned before. Keep writing and I’ll visit when I can!

About Thestrugglershandbook

I'm a middle aged (if I live to be 100) guy, married, father of three, from Tucson, AZ. I'll write about almost anything. Though somewhat bent, what I write is always true(ish). It won't change your life, however. Unless that would preclude you from reading...
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17 Responses to “Happy Anniversary, Struggler!”, or “Geez; Give it up Already.”

  1. I used to try to “build my audience” with all the visiting and commenting, but then the laundry piled up so high my kids were on the verge of nakedness… so I too just have to hope somebody feels like ready what I say, and if they don’t, I didn’t have time to check anyway! But I will keep yours on the reading list, now that you’re a year old, you have reached that “older wiser blogger” status! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. SocietyRed says:

    Congrats on year one! I love reading your work, however often you do it and for whatever reason, keep it coming. Have a great basketball season, see you soon!

  3. Jim says:

    Congrats on one year!

    I’ve given the attention necessary to grow my blog audience and I’m betting it’s not much bigger than yours. So relax and enjoy what you’ve got.

  4. mybrightlife says:

    Yah! Congrats Struggler!! keep posting for you and I will keep reading for me! Your post announcements are one of the good things about my e-mail account. Take it slow but please don’t stop. And remember always, its the quality of your readers not the quantity that counts;) Write on…

  5. Chris Macy says:

    Richard, I’m proud of you for putting yourself out there, for keeping up with it and for what it’s worth, I really enjoy reading what you write. Love ya.

  6. The Guat says:

    Congrats on your anniversary. Ha! too funny…obligatory “like” button. I’m not that kind of chick, if I don’t like that button is not getting pushed. But thanks for all the blogger insight and wisdom. I wondered how all these people got a gazillion members. I’m all good with who ever reads my stuff, because I like my stuff. I’m on a personal Guat mission so if they like the ride it’s all good. If not…they can get off and ask for a transfer. ๐Ÿ™‚ So whatever you write and whenever keep your stuff coming…you crack me up sometimes.

  7. Hannah Peddy says:

    I’m with Aunt Chris.

  8. Arizona girl says:

    Congratulations on 1 year! Good luck with a new basketball season. And don’t worry about posting less (I keep telling myself that today I’ll finally post again…) – it’s not a bad thing if life keeps you busy. As long as you’re having fun. And you share a story or two with us every once in a while… ๐Ÿ™‚ Go forth and conquer!

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