Hey, Everybody! The ABC Award!

 So, today I just got nominated for an award by another blogger, susartandfood, which is kind of cool. You should check out her blog; she writes well and always has a great recipe at the end (occasionally she missteps by including broccoli or fish, but I understand she has to appeal to a broad audience). It’s called the ABC award (see nifty logo to the near northwest); I have no idea as to the significance of this award –  it could stand for “Another Blogger’s Crap”, but I got nominated for it, so I don’t care. Anyway, I give it instant credibility, don’t you think?…Oh, shut up.

Nothing comes easily for me, so why should this be any different? I’ve some hoops to jump through; the first of which, apparently, is to use every letter in the alphabet to describe myself. This could be painful for me, but only twenty-six words for you, so suck it up. Here goes:

Apathetic. Bloated. Calcified. Dastardly. Encumbered. Flatulent. Gelatinous. Hungry. Irritable. Jurassic. Kaput. Languid. Morose. Nobbler. Ovate. Pustulate (not really; that’s for my sister-in-law, who hates gross words that start with the letter P). Quitter. Rueful. Sarcastic. Testicled. Unshaven. Vexing. Wobbly. Xenophobic (I’m not; but you try to find a self-describing word that starts with x). Yahoo. Zeppelin (parked; not airborne). I’ll likely have several marriage proposals by night’s end as a result of the beautiful picture I’ve painted of myself but, alas, ladies (or guys), sadly I’m already taken.

I also need to recommend a couple of other bloggers. There’s a bunch that I follow and are pleasing to me, but for now I’ll recommend the following two:

Oh God, My Wife is German : Funny stories about a guy married to his ubersmart German Wife. His profile picture is the best I’ve ever seen.

dampsquid : This guy is hilarious, prolific and apparently unmoved by the comments of his followers (ahem).

There you have it. I’m sure there’s a book contract with this award, or at the very least a cash prize. There just has to be. Anyone?…Anyone at all?

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I'm a middle aged (if I live to be 100) guy, married, father of three, from Tucson, AZ. I'll write about almost anything. Though somewhat bent, what I write is always true(ish). It won't change your life, however. Unless that would preclude you from reading...
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2 Responses to Hey, Everybody! The ABC Award!

  1. Yeah, flatulent always gets the ladies going! Just how are you taken?? 🙂 LOL

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