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Resolvable Resolutions

Galations 6:7-10. I have to admit that I’ve taken to the notion of creating resolutions for myself as a new year approaches; it’s kind of funny, and oddly pathetic, that the tossing of a simple calendar somehow signifies a chance … Continue reading

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Wedding Bells are Clanking – Part II

Well, it finally happened. Despite my silent and consistent prayer that God would intercede and render my oldest daughter ten years old again (thereby making her my youngest, her impending marriage illegal (except perhaps in Alabama) and, collaterally, her fiance … Continue reading

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The Bard of Lard Doth Rhyme it Hard

Ask me that which I hold dear and I should answer twice: Family first, then ice cold beer, would, I think, suffice. Family for I love them so, they bring me no small pleasure; Beer is much the same you know – … Continue reading

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She was born on May 11, 1994. Honestly, the only real trouble she’s ever given my wife and I was while she was still in the womb. My wife suffered from pre-eclampsia during each of her three pregnancies; with this … Continue reading

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Ten Signs I’m Getting Old

It’s my birthday this week. Whatever. I used to enjoy birthdays as much as anyone. What’s not to like? Everyone’s nice to you for a day, they give you stuff, and you can get away with more things than usual … Continue reading

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The Struggler’s Guide to Golf – Part II

Well, it’s happened again. I’m vexed. I picked up the Bible last Friday and did some reading; a girl on my middle school basketball team had done her devotion earlier that day, and I felt that what she said had … Continue reading

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The Struggler’s Guide to Golf

I enter the Tucson City Amateur Golf Tournament every year. Since it begins next week and I haven’t played since September of last year, prudence dictates that I dust off the clubs and practice by endeavoring to coax a dimpled … Continue reading

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The Other Ten Times I Nearly Died

As most of the faithful know, I avoid news, politics or any other subject whose very nature inspires contention amongst people with differing viewpoints. I have found, over the years and in often painful fashion, that it is by contention with the well-informed … Continue reading

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He is Risen!

I often find myself, like most people, consumed with everyday life. Issues at work, with family and the constraints of time and of money seemingly engage in an endless fight for opportunity to weigh upon my mind. Stress attacks from all sides and, unfortunately, often from … Continue reading

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Who’s the Fat, Old Fart in the Picture?

I’m not the kind of guy who spends a lot of time looking in the mirror. Frankly, it doesn’t often occur to me, which is likely apparent to others when I’m out in public. When I do, it’s usually before … Continue reading

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