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I’m Dreaming of a Wide Christmas (in Tucson)

Christmas in Tucson is a bit different from much of the rest of the country. Sure, there’s the same toxic tendency toward materialistic frenzy; the areas around the major retail centers are a nightmare from Thanksgiving forward. Already teetering on the … Continue reading

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Facebook Hell: “Tell us Twenty-One Things About Yourself.”

I’m relatively new to Facebook, and I have to say I’m entranced. And repulsed. And vexed. Perhaps this is the allure of Facebook: you never know what’s coming next to your home page. First, a heartfelt post from someone who … Continue reading

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The Struggler’s Guide to Healthy Living

Healthy living, as seemingly defined by societal norms, is best achieved through a combination of diet and regular exercise and is manifested in a fit and toned body. I would submit to you that a truly healthy body is best … Continue reading

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America at Lunch

I’d like to think that when strangers see me approaching, the first thing that pops into their heads isn’t “Holy cow, that guy is fat…Anyone count his children lately?…Keep your hands and feet away from his mouth.” (I already know … Continue reading

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Ten Gastric Ways of Making Me Talk

One great thing about being an adult is getting to make your own choices. With respect to food, and for me almost everything is, this means being able to eat whatever I want. (As long as the Healthy-Choice-Wife-and-Kids aren’t around, although … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Meal Plans for a Healthy Soul

There’s trouble afoot at my house. My wife, always a careful and healthy eater, has eliminated all meat from her diet. She’s an animal lover, almost to the point of fanaticism, and has decided that you can’t claim to truly love them while continuing … Continue reading

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