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Tweeking the Ruff Draught

I’ve heard from other bloggers who claim their ideas come easily and the words flow like water. They maintain that the finished work requires only a quick read-through, with little or no editing before they post. Most are lying, but … Continue reading

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A Few More Times I Nearly Died

In the past I’ve listed ways in which I’ve barely escaped death, either by physical trauma or embarrassment. (See Ten Times I Nearly Died and The Other Ten Times I Nearly Died). Here’s a few more, although through a dwindling base of experiences from … Continue reading

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The Ten Best Questions for a Presidential Debate

I believe I have mentioned before that this blog will never be political in nature; by that I mean I will never try to sway one’s politics to my own. Why? Well, because like most of us who have a … Continue reading

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Ten Signs I’m Getting Old

It’s my birthday this week. Whatever. I used to enjoy birthdays as much as anyone. What’s not to like? Everyone’s nice to you for a day, they give you stuff, and you can get away with more things than usual … Continue reading

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The Struggler’s Guide to Golf

I enter the Tucson City Amateur Golf Tournament every year. Since it begins next week and I haven’t played since September of last year, prudence dictates that I dust off the clubs and practice by endeavoring to coax a dimpled … Continue reading

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The Other Ten Times I Nearly Died

As most of the faithful know, I avoid news, politics or any other subject whose very nature inspires contention amongst people with differing viewpoints. I have found, over the years and in often painful fashion, that it is by contention with the well-informed … Continue reading

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Ten Gastric Ways of Making Me Talk

One great thing about being an adult is getting to make your own choices. With respect to food, and for me almost everything is, this means being able to eat whatever I want. (As long as the Healthy-Choice-Wife-and-Kids aren’t around, although … Continue reading

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