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Facebook Hell: “Tell us Twenty-One Things About Yourself.”

I’m relatively new to Facebook, and I have to say I’m entranced. And repulsed. And vexed. Perhaps this is the allure of Facebook: you never know what’s coming next to your home page. First, a heartfelt post from someone who … Continue reading

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How I Became #15 on the “Save in Case of Fire List” – Part III

In a prior post in this series (see Part II), I mentioned the uninvited dogs who have invaded my once peaceful abode and since rendered it and my existence only marginally livable. As much as these loud, obnoxious, ever-ravenous and … Continue reading

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How I Became #15 on the “Save in Case of Fire” List – Part II

The title of this series (in case I hadn’t made it clear before) is gleaned from the fact that in the unfortunate event of a house fire and in addition to my wife and daughter, there were three dogs and … Continue reading

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The first time I met Angus I liked him instantly. We quickly became fast friends; he was a good time guy, funny, always entertaining, affable and up for anything. I had, to this point in my life, never met anyone … Continue reading

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How I Became #15 on the “Save in Case of Fire” List – Part I

Let me first say that while she is the primary source of my anguish, I do not think of her as such; my wife is the most kind-hearted person I know. She has always had a weakness for those less … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Meal Plans for a Healthy Soul

There’s trouble afoot at my house. My wife, always a careful and healthy eater, has eliminated all meat from her diet. She’s an animal lover, almost to the point of fanaticism, and has decided that you can’t claim to truly love them while continuing … Continue reading

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God, Don’t Let Me Die in Louisiana – Part III

As I mentioned before (part I), whenever we visited my father’s family in Deridder, Louisiana, we stayed at my grandfather’s house. It was a small, white, two bedroom, wooden home located just outside of town. Papa was a simple man, with simple … Continue reading

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