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Ten Signs I’m Getting Old

It’s my birthday this week. Whatever. I used to enjoy birthdays as much as anyone. What’s not to like? Everyone’s nice to you for a day, they give you stuff, and you can get away with more things than usual … Continue reading

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The Struggler’s Guide to Golf – Part II

Well, it’s happened again. I’m vexed. I picked up the Bible last Friday and did some reading; a girl on my middle school basketball team had done her devotion earlier that day, and I felt that what she said had … Continue reading

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The Glass Half Empty

I have to admit that I am not likely to ever be the poster child for optimism. Let’s face it: a glass half empty really is just that. Assuming there’s no free refills and no waitress to top it off, the … Continue reading

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Water in the Desert

We tend to take a geat deal for granted in our lives. We get pretty busy sometimes, and the things around us, though often beautiful, go unnoticed. Usually it’s because we’re used to them; here in Tucson, we take the … Continue reading

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Lady on a Spindle

I got into the fountain and water feature “industry” right after college. The economy was a big, steamy pile of doody back then ( though not as bad as today’s, which is a big, steamy, smashed onto the bottom of your … Continue reading

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No Stones for the ‘Stones

It was July 21, 1978, and my friends and I arrived at the Tucson Community Center Arena around 9 a.m. It was a sunny day (imagine that) and shaping up to be another hot one (ditto). In addition to some monsoonal humidity … Continue reading

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