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The Other Woman

I met her in April of 2001. Like most men, I am shallow and superficial, in that outward appearance grabs me first; it was a prerequisite to finding out more about a girl back in my dating days. Well, she … Continue reading

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By the Time I Get to Phoenix, I’ll Be Writhing

As most of you now know, my daughter is getting married in June. She lives in Colorado now, but she’s getting married here in Tucson where she was born and raised. She came home for a few days from her … Continue reading

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How I Created the Dunkin’ Donuts Drive Thru…

  “Nice job, son. Pull in up ahead and we’ll get a treat.”   It was a weekend in early spring, 1977, and I was the proud owner of a driving permit. My father had let me drive for over three … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Hate About You (and Your Driving)

I may complain, from time to time, about things that bother me (ask my family and they’ll tell you that “time to time” means dawn to bedtime). Today I want to talk about drivers in my hometown of Tucson. They suck, but in … Continue reading

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My First Car

Racy Red; mine was Grandma Gray My first car was a two door 1971 Toyota Corolla. I paid four hundred dollars for it, which in 1981 was, I believe, four hundred dollars. Even back then, for that kind of money you … Continue reading

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