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The Other Woman

I met her in April of 2001. Like most men, I am shallow and superficial, in that outward appearance grabs me first; it was a prerequisite to finding out more about a girl back in my dating days. Well, she … Continue reading

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How I Created the Dunkin’ Donuts Drive Thru…

  “Nice job, son. Pull in up ahead and we’ll get a treat.”   It was a weekend in early spring, 1977, and I was the proud owner of a driving permit. My father had let me drive for over three … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Hate About You (and Your Driving)

I may complain, from time to time, about things that bother me (ask my family and they’ll tell you that “time to time” means dawn to bedtime). Today I want to talk about drivers in my hometown of Tucson. They suck, but in … Continue reading

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My First Car

Racy Red; mine was Grandma Gray My first car was a two door 1971 Toyota Corolla. I paid four hundred dollars for it, which in 1981 was, I believe, four hundred dollars. Even back then, for that kind of money you … Continue reading

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