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The Struggler’s Guide to Healthy Living

Healthy living, as seemingly defined by societal norms, is best achieved through a combination of diet and regular exercise and is manifested in a fit and toned body. I would submit to you that a truly healthy body is best … Continue reading

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Monsooner Than Later

It’s monsoon season here in Southern Arizona. From July through mid-September, moisture is pulled up from Mexico and, when conditions are right, thunderstorms develop, often violently. Hot air rises quickly from the desert floor up into higher, colder air, creating … Continue reading

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How I Became #15 on the “Save in Case of Fire” List – Part II

The title of this series (in case I hadn’t made it clear before) is gleaned from the fact that in the unfortunate event of a house fire and in addition to my wife and daughter, there were three dogs and … Continue reading

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The first time I met Angus I liked him instantly. We quickly became fast friends; he was a good time guy, funny, always entertaining, affable and up for anything. I had, to this point in my life, never met anyone … Continue reading

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The Bard of Lard Doth Rhyme it Hard

Ask me that which I hold dear and I should answer twice: Family first, then ice cold beer, would, I think, suffice. Family for I love them so, they bring me no small pleasure; Beer is much the same you know – … Continue reading

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P is for Gross

It would seem an inordinately large number of words that evoke disquieting, distasteful and even disgusting images begin with the letter P. Consider the following: To those who knew him, Pete was a parasite, a loser and, outwardly at least, … Continue reading

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